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Gname API is available for domain drop catch, account management, domain query, registration, renewal, deletion, using for apps and servers etc. You are able to easily set domain servers, choose renewal and create folder.

Template List

Obtain user's domain template list

Request URL
Request Parameter
Field Parameter Type Required Description
number of pages page Int No number of pages
number per page limit Int No number per page
Response Data
Field Parameter Type Description
return code code Int 1:return successfully -1:return failed
return description msg String description of the return request operation
return data data Array return the requested operation result data
total data count Int total data
page page Int page
number per page pagesize Int number per page
Return Data
Field Parameter Description
template ID id 99
template name mbmc My_Mb_85039_1Ce8Tw
submission time sj 2020-08-05 10:39:11
whether it is default template mr 1 default,0 non-default
contact lxr zhang you zhang
contact email email
corporation name gsmc when lx=2
country code guojia CN
province province hebei
city city qinhuangdao
detailed address address hai gang qu, lin he li, 16 dong 3 dan yuan 9 hao
mobile number phone 86 13800001234
postal code youbian 066000
status code zt 0 unverified,1 effective,2 ineffective
status description ztstr effective
type lx 1 individual,2 enterprise
type description lxstr enterprise
Response Demo
    "code": 1,
    "msg": "OK",
    "data": [
            "id": "99",
            "lx": "2",
            "sj": "2020-08-05 10:39:11",
            "mbmc": "My_Mb_85039_1Ce8Tw",
            "mr": "0",
            "zt": "1",
            "uid": "1004",
            "ztstr": "effective",
            "lxstr": "enterprise",
            "lxr": "zhang you zhang",
            "email": "",
            "gsmc": "zhang zhang you",
            "guojia": "CN",
            "province": "hebei",
            "city": "qinhuangdao",
            "address": "hai gang qu, lin he li, 16 dong 3 dan yuan 9 hao",
            "phone": "86 13110743052",
            "youbian": "066000"
    "count": 3,
    "page": "1",
    "pagesize": "10"

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