API Services

With the API, you can engage in domain name registration and account management! Our API supports domain search, registration, renewal, dropcatch, and the use of your own software and servers, among other functions. You can easily configure domain name servers, select renewals, and create folders for your domains.

Domain Backorder

Single backorder

Request URL
Request Parameter
Field Parameter Type Required Description
domain ym String Yes e.g: gname.com
channel td Integer Yes e.g: 1 represents channel 1
Request Demo
        "appid": "100xxxxxxxxxx6f7",
        "gntime": 1627912301,
        "td": "2",
        "ym": "cengzheng.com",
        "gntoken": "EA0AA19CC92ACAF81BA194819DCF19DC"
Response Data
Field Parameter Type Description
return code code Integer 1:return successfully -1:return failed
return description msg String description of the return request operation
return data data String when 'code=1', frozen amount of backorder will be returned
Response Demo
	"code": -1,
	"msg": "sorry, the domain isn't found",
	"data": ""

	"code": 1,
	"msg": "backorder success",
	"data": "3.00"