Coupon codes can be exchange for coupons for more discounts.

Coupon Code Exchange Result

Exchanged coupons will be automatically saved to "My Coupons"

    Coupon Code Exchange Process

    • Get Coupon Code

      Get relevant coupon code through our partner platform

    • Exchange Code

      Login to your account and enter your coupon code in the exchange box and click "Exchange Now" to exchange

    • Exchange Successfully

      Congratulations on your successful exchange! You can view and change the order of use in My Coupons, please use it as soon as possible!

    • Automatic Deduction

      After coupon code is successfully exchanged, coupon will be automatically used to deduct the corresponding discount amount, no other operation is required.

    Coupon Code Usage Rules

    1. Participants: All users of our site can exchange through coupon code.

    2. Method: Please enter your coupon code in the exchange box and click "Exchange Now", exchanged coupons can be viewed in My Coupons and change the order of use.

    3. Please use the coupons before the expiration date, conpons are not supported to be transferred and will be invalidated after the expiration date, each user can only exchange the code once.

    4. If resellers and its subordinate users use the coupons, resellers will not enjoy the corresponding commission rebate.

    5. Coupons exchanged through codes cannot be used in combination.