Apply API

Gname API is available for domain drop catch, account management, domain query, registration, renewal, deletion, using for apps and servers etc. You are able to easily set domain servers, choose renewal and create folder.

Domain Details

Obtain user's domain details

Request URL
Request Parameter
Field Parameter Type Required Description
domain ym String Yes domain name to be queried
Request Demo
	"url": "",
	"do": "POST",
	"data": {
		"appid": "testappid",
		"gntime": 1618999650,
		"ym": "",
		"gntoken": "C8F67A0F7BB8971DE662190B33B94744"
Response Data
Field Parameter Type Description
return code code Int 1:return successfully -1:return failed
return description msg String description of the return request operation
return data data Object return the requested operation result data
Return Data
Field Parameter Description
domain ID id 504
user ID uid 100000
domain ym
registrar zcs InternetX
registration time zcsj 2020-07-19
expiration time dqsj 2022-03-08
status zt 0OK, 8Under registration, 9Registration failed, 10Unpaid, 53Locked, 77Under PUSH, 88pendingTransfer
domain category id ymfz 0
status of updating domain contact gh 0
domain DNS ymdns,
DNS status dnszt 0Succeed, [1/3/111]Processing, 2Failed
domain resolution status jx_ting 0 normal domain resolution,1 suspend domain resolution
renewal status xfzt 1
domain template ID ymmb 47
description of domain status ztstr status description
description of domain category fzstr category name
domain remark bz remark
description of DNS status dnsztstr effective
description of template status whoisztstr effective
domain category name ymfzmc
Response Demo
    "code": 1,
    "msg": "OK",
    "data": {
        "id": "504",
        "uid": "100000",
        "ym": "",
        "zcs": "InternetX",
        "zcsj": "2020-07-19",
        "dqsj": "2022-03-08",
        "zt": "0",
        "gh": "0",
        "whoiszt": "1",
        "ymfz": "0",
        "ymdns": ",",
        "dnszt": "0",
        "jx_ting": "0",
        "xfzt": "1",
        "ymmb": "47",
        "ztstr": "normal",
        "dnsztstr": "effective",
        "whoisztstr": "effective",
        "ymfzmc": "",
        "bz": ""

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