API Services

With the API, you can engage in domain name registration and account management! Our API supports domain search, registration, renewal, dropcatch, and the use of your own software and servers, among other functions. You can easily configure domain name servers, select renewals, and create folders for your domains.

Public Parameter

Public parameters are parameters used to identify user and interface for authentication purposes. If not necessary, these parameters are no longer described in the separate interface document of each interface, but each request needs to carry these parameters in order to initiate the request normally .

Parameter name Required Type Description
appid yes String In the APPID of the identification identity applied for in the API, an APPID corresponds to a unique APPKEY, and the APPKEY will be used to generate the request signature gntoken. For details, please refer to the signature method page.
gntime yes Int The current UNIX timestamp (UTC+8) can record the time when the API request was initiated.
gntoken yes String The request signature is used to verify the legitimacy of this request and needs to be calculated by the user based on the actual input parameters. For the calculation method, please refer to the signature method page.