Registry required domain must be renewed for one year after successfully transferred in, so the transfer in fee actually is renewal fee.
Please enter domain, one per line, such as:|123456|123456
Transfer In Process of International Domain
  • Transfer in GNAME means you could manage domain in GNAME after it is successfully transferred in, such as modify DNS and edit DNS records, update contacts etc.
  • If there is a tip as“registrar transfer protection”, please contact current registrar to unlock your domain.
  • You need to confirm that it has been more than 60 days from last renewal, otherwise, your renewal may be invalid.
  • if there is blank in auth code, please try to use“+”to replace it, then transfer in.
Latest transfer news
  • ID1*** just transfer:nb***
  • ID1*** just transfer:zg***
  • ID1*** just transfer:li***
  • ID1*** just transfer:fe***
  • ID1*** just transfer:pc***
  • ID1*** just transfer:ji***
  • ID1*** just transfer:ho***
  • ID1*** just transfer:3u***
  • ID1*** just transfer:he***
  • ID1*** just transfer:qs***
  • ID1*** just transfer:ch***
  • ID1*** just transfer:sl***
  • ID1*** just transfer:mo***
  • ID1*** just transfer:az***
  • ID1*** just transfer:ze***
  • ID1*** just transfer:fj***
  • ID1*** just transfer:vg***
  • ID1*** just transfer:zm***
  • ID1*** just transfer:do***
  • ID1*** just transfer:ad***