External Domain Push means that the action of PUSH your domain to the designated account within the current registrar of this site. Upon completion, your domain will integrate into your gname.net account. You can trade and manage it within gname.net.
Enter your domains, one domain per line, examples as below:


Account:Your registrar account

External Domain Push Processes
External Push Considerations:
  • Please avoid clicking 'transfer lock' before requesting PUSH; as it may restrict the domain from making transactions or transfer out.
  • Ensure that you confirm this site's designated account with the corresponding registrar. Do not push your domain into other accounts to avoid unnecessary risks.
  • Your list of pushed-in domains must match your list of pushed domains; otherwise, the push may fail on this site.
  • Ensure that your pushed-in domains are legally managed and used, as you will be held responsible for any legal consequences.
Latest External Push News
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