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Notification of website protection infrastructure settings on line

Release Time:2023-09-20  Views:6436

With the continuous improvement of our website protection function, this time the website protection DNSSEC settings, browser integrity check, questioning through the period, SSL/TLS encryption mode function is optimized on-line, you can set up the above functions independently according to your own needs. The specific features are described below:

1.DNSSEC Settings
DNSSEC uses a cryptographic signature of published DNS records to protect your domain against forged DNS answers.
2.Browser Integrity Check
Evaluate HTTP headers from your visitors browser for threats. If a threat is found a block page will be delivered.
3.Challenge Passage
The length of time that visitors who have completed the challenge can access your website after CC protection is enabled. After the timeout, the website will question again.
4.SSL/TLS Encryption Mode
Encrypt your web traffic to prevent data theft and other forms of tampering.
This update applies to Website Protection: Experience, Pro, Premium.
We will also continue to optimize Website Protection! If you have any questions or need help, our support team is always here to help.

September 20, 2023