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Bidding with prizes, up to $1500

Release Time:2022-02-22  Views:15379

Activity time:

1. Start time: 2022-02-22 19:00
2. End time: to be determined
3. Participants: resellers of Gname

Participation conditions:
1. You are a reseller. (If you are not a reseller, click here to upgrade now)
2. You are bidding on a domain with a final closing price ≥ $100.
3. You are the second place bidder for the domain. [What is second place bidder? It is the bid that is just below the final winning bid.]
4. After the bidding is finished, system will automatically calculate and issue the bonus to your account. The bonus can be used for any purpose on our site.

Bonus description:
1.Name-Pre and nj-pre, no second place bonus when external users are in the lead (Gname users who win the bid will enjoy it), other delete type rules remain unchanged.
2.If the domain is redeemed, the bonus from the second-place bidding shall be returned.
3.As long as the above conditions are met, then 100% of the prizes can be awarded, bonus ranging from $1-1500. The amount of the specific bonus is calculated according to the actual profit of our site after the bidding of the domain. If there is no profit, the minimum reward is $1. If there is profit, the bonus is calculated according to the profit, up to $1500, 100% of the prize can be awarded.

Activity statement:
1.This activity is only a rebate for resellers, not to encourage you to malicious pricing. If found, we have the right to take corresponding measures.
2. In order to avoid some users may maliciously go to the top price and become second to get bonus, the amount of the bonus is not displayed in the bidding, system automatically calculated without manual participation.
3. Once the bid is made and finally won, any form of default will not be allowed, please do not refuse to pay the final payment for any reason.
4. This activities will not have an impact on the existing bidding rebate commission of the resellers, the bonus belongs to our supply, the profit all back to the resellers, so as to maximize the benefits of the resellers.
5. As a third-party registration platform, all domain bidding are initiated by domestic and foreign platform, so the amount of bonus is not calculated based on the final price of the domain. It does not mean that the higher the bid price, the higher the bonus, only calculated based on our actual profit.
6. Participants should not use illegal means or maliciously use the website BUG to obtain the bonus of the bidding activity. If found, we have the right to stop your permission to participate in the activity, you will be held criminally responsible if the circumstances are serious!