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Download SSL certificate

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This task guides users to download certificates on the SSL certificate management platform.
* Only supports unlimited downloads of certificates within the validity period of the certificate, and can be deployed on the server after downloading.

1. Log in to the management center of this site;
2. Select "SSL Certificate > Certificate Management > Enter the SSL Certificate Management page
3. In the "Operation" column of the row where the certificate to be downloaded is located, click "Download", as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1 Download the certificate

4. According to the type of service you need, click "Download" in the corresponding "Operation" column to download the certificate.
5. In the Certificate Download panel, download the certificate for your web server.
SSL Certificate Service has automatically converted your certificate into a format suitable for different web servers and compressed it. You only need to click the corresponding download button according to the server type to download the certificate compressed package that meets the configuration requirements of this type of server to local.

Downloaded certificate file description:
If your web server type is Apache (httpd), Nginx, click the download after Apache, Nginx, respectively.
If your web server type is not in the range of Apache (httpd) and Nginx, click Download after other (you need to manually convert it yourself).
After the download is complete, the certificate archive will be downloaded to the default download directory of the current browser. You can view the downloaded certificate zip package in the download directory and unzip it to obtain the corresponding certificate file.